Electrofusion and Butt -Fusion
DEKO Services Ltd. provide professional courses which are clearly defined, structured and designed for your different levels of practical experience and application requirements.
Who will benefit?
These courses are for personnel involved in the infra-structure industry sector and are recommended for contractors, engineers, local authorities and consultants.
What is covered?
You will learn about conditions and requirements when jointing polyethylene pipe, including storing and handling polyethylene pipe. Also covered is the PE tooling and equipment for electrofusion and butt-fusion.
Practical assessment
Practical assessment is carried out at the training facility and includes sample joint visual examination and destructive testing as required by the New Zealand Unit Standards.
Unit Standards
The Infrastructure industry have set minimum requirements for training and assessment in the following  unit standards;
US25610 - Demonstrate knowledge of equipment and operations for jointing polyethylene pipe for distribution networks;
US10980 - Perform electrofusion jointing in a distribution network;
US10987 - Perform butt-fusion jointing in a distribution network.
Course information;
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